Welcome to my blog.  My name is Don Halverson and this site is initially a collection of stories about my life I have submitted in response to assignments for the writing class I have been taking at the University of Utah called Creative Nonfiction I and II.   I hope to continue to expand these stories and create new ones even after the class is over.  Who knows, I may compile them into a book some day.

These stories will be about myself, my wife Janeen Halverson, and my ex-wife, Nancy Halverson, and other family members .  They are true to the best of my knowledge.  They must be since it is for a non-fiction class.

Some of the stories are just fun, and some reveal my struggles during difficult times, and some are expressions of love.   Whatever you learn about me,  I assure you, I learned even more about myself while writing these stories.

I welcome your comments, corrections, or suggestions.

Don Halverson 

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